EDP Incharge with 4 years of Experience – Job Seeker id: 1004

Concept Notes on Data Storage Systems
September 18, 2016
Required Marketing Executive (Surat) – Vacancy ID: 2003
September 21, 2016
Profile Highlights
skills :
Manage Core Banking Solution Software, Other Modules, Data Center Server, Database & All CCTV Camera monitoring
New Database Installation SQL Server Mirroring DR Site Setup & implement
DBTL & NACH Project Testing with NPCI & Handling Project CTS & Customer UnificationDaily Take Backup, Restoring & Data analysis
Organized project release and typically performed analysis to support the strategies and objectives of the ATM
business line.
Analyzed and reviewed customer disputes, adjustments, chargeback & pre arbitration which directly affected bank losses involving these services.
Troubleshoot both hardware and software and networking operations & Server Installation &Configuration
 ERP Software Development, New Website Development with Implementation & Testing
Testing ATM, POS, E-Commerce, IMPS & configuration
Daily Switch traction monitoring, ATM monitoring & troubleshooting, Card Management ,new service implement
ATM, POS, E-Commerce, IMPS reconciliation
Sponsor Bank agreement, compliance Document complete & submission
NPCI Document agreement, compliance Document complete & submission Analyzed and reviewed customer disputes, adjustments, chargeback & pre arbitration which directly
affected bank losses involving these services

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