Low cost employee motivational tips

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September 13, 2016
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September 13, 2016

Low cost employee motivational tips

Low cost employee motivational tips
Retention and productivity are always challenges, especially with budgets shaved to the bone. So here are 13 tips on beating the budget crunch from BLR’s 99 Ways to Keep Employees Happy, Satisfied, Motivated and Productive, by noted HR author Peter R. Garber.1. Have a Family Day at WorkAn employee’s family provides critically important support for the employee. Yet many families have never even seen where their spouse, parent, or child goes each day to work. By having a day when you invite your employees’ families to visit the workplace, you can help bridge this gap.

2. Present Employees with a Shirt or Jacket with the Organization’ s LogoYou might be surprised how much pride employees have in the organization they work for. Presenting everyone with a jacket, T-shirt, or cap with the organization’ s logo and name creates a way for employees to express this pride and feel more a part of the team.

3. Sponsor a Health Fair for Employees
Sponsoring a health fair at work provides an easy and convenient way for employees to benefit from important health screening tests that they might not otherwise receive. In most cases you will find that sponsoring a fair is not expensive, as many of the services are available free or at minimal cost through local health agencies and organizations.

4. Offer Discounted Family-Oriented Activities for EmployeesOffering discounts for family-oriented activities at local recreational facilities or businesses, either by negotiating group rates or by subsidizing the costs for your employees, can be a relatively inexpensive and popular benefit.

5. Allow Employees to Work Flexible Hours
Trying to balance the responsibilities of both work and home can create many scheduling problems for employees. One of the best ways you can help your employees deal with their many responsibilities is to allow them to work more flexible hours, when possible.

6. Offer CPR Classes
Offering employees training in CPR and other emergency first-aid treatment can be the most valuable benefit you can provide in the event that these skills become needed in a real-life situation.

7. Include Pictures of Employees in Company Advertisements
Including pictures of employees in the company’s ads or other publications can be not only effective public relations but also a morale booster in the organization. If your product advertising illustrates family members, you could extend this concept to the families of your employees as well.

8. Sponsor a Ridesharing Program
With gas prices out of sight, it’s a good time to consider sponsoring a ridesharing or carpooling program at work.

9. Ask Employees for Their Opinions
There’s a great deal of wisdom in the opinions of people throughout an organization. Tap into it. Ask employees on all levels for their suggestions, feelings, opinions, and concerns, relative to their jobs and work. Caution: Be prepared to respond. Don’t start this program and then ignore the input!

10. Redecorate Break Rooms and Cafeterias
Redecorating a break room or cafeteria where employees spend their rest periods and meal times helps them feel that the organization understands that they work hard and deserve a quality space during time away from their jobs.

11. Reduce the Amount of Employees’ Paperwork
People are often overwhelmed with paperwork. How much of each employee’s paperwork is absolutely necessary?

12. Publicize the Company’s Efforts to Protect the Environment
People are thinking green today, and they want their companies thinking that way, too. Let both your employees and the public know what the organization or company is doing to protect the environment. That could include contributions to environmental groups, clean-up initiatives, recycling programs, waste reduction, emissions control, regulatory compliance, voluntary efforts, or legislative support.

13. Offer More Cross-Training Opportunities for Employees
Most employees want to have more variety in their jobs. Gen X and Gen Y employees in particular want to keep developing new skills. Cross-training provides variety as well as development of broader skills. People also gain a better appreciation for what their co-workers’ jobs involve by “walking a mile in their shoes.” And, you get people who can take over one anothers’ posts if needed.

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