Client Speak about Hard n Soft

Manish Patel

Managing Director - Manish Packaging

Dhruv Luthra

Director - GEPIL

Gopi Dhandhariya

Managing Director - Lifestyle Sarees

Ankur Agarwal

Director - Vipul Sarees

Murgesh Rawal

Director - Manish Packaging

Akash Khetan

Director - Akash Dyeing & Narayan Prints

Rakesh Adnani

Managing Director - Condor Footwear

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What they have to say about Sailesh Khawani.... in Summary

Managing Director: Manish Packaging:

Why Sailesh Khawani
* Mr Shailesh khawani has been the promoter of Hard n Soft. Whenever we asked for something he has came up with better than our expectation
He gives his own experience he understands the business pattern very well. So we don't even think of going somewhere else.
He will never make us feel that we are stuck somewhere he always gives options and options to solve the issues.

Director: Akash Dyeing & Narayan Print:

Why Sailesh Khawani
* We know Hard n Soft from 2006. Mr Shailesh khawani Is a very intelligent and customer oriented person.
*when I joined my company we were not so strong in IT, once we met Mr Shailesh khawani then we did not have to think about any issues related to IT. whatever requirement We gave was fulfilled.
* we were able to make a system oriented company.

Managing Director: Lifestyle Sarees:

Why Sailesh Khawani
* Talking in principal - Mr Shailesh khawani have never cheated us. in 1999 India's 90 % of the software company has blackmailed their clients. At that time Mr SK if would have wished to earned more money by doing the same but he never even think about doing wrong things to the clients.
* We recommended our few clients in UP and Bihar even they got the solution very well.
* For customised solution we have never heard no word in the past 23 years this is the best customer satisfaction in our mind which I feel is the best.

Director: Condor Footwear:

Why Sailesh Khawani
* We know Mr Shailesh khawani for more than 25 years
* He is in to software from the time of my cousin when they use to have their yarn business.
* Mr Shailesh khawani is a very dedicated and solution oriented person.
*In software industry reliability is the most important factor. There are many companies who do Malpractices by showing the client that this was not under scope of work but Mr Shailesh khawani’s principles are different for him solution is more important than scope of work.
* He will never sit idle till the solution is properly completed & this kind of approach everybody likes which is quality of services and that is the reason we are associated with him

Director: GEPIL:

Why Sailesh Khawani
*We know him from past 25 to 30 years.
* Mr Shailesh khawani always gives his personal touch as he gets involved in all the matter and that is why we get confidence about him.
* He is always available 24/7 in any of the crisis time. his nature is like “ he is always on the job even though he is not on the job”

What they have to say about Hard n Soft .... in Summary

Managing Director: Manish Packaging

About HNS services
* Very qualitative services

Why HNS?
* The consistency,Services, Technology and Up-gradation, Hard n Soft is always updated .

About HNS team
* Their team has got in-depth knowledge of the trade patterns of each businesses

Overall opinion about HNS
* We are quite satisfied with them
Managing Director: Vipul Sarees:

About HNS services
* Very prompt in their services

About HNS solutions
* Whatever we have said they have done it in the software. even I can say what we have said they have done it in more better way

About HNS team
* Their team is very cooperative

Overall opinion about HNS
* We are very much satisfied with their services

Director: Akash Dyeing & Narayan:

About HNS services
* They are very prompt with their services.

About HNS solutions
* Nobody at present is able to beat hard and soft in terms of services and the capabilities they have

Overall opinion about HNS
* we surely recommend them

Managing Director: Lifestyle Sarees:

About HNS services
In 23 years we have never heard no word for any kind of requirement which we have asked for

Why HNS?
In past so many years they have never tried to cheat in any manners.

About HNS solutions
They have best name in the market. they have solutions for everything

About HNS team
* Their team people are very friendly.

Managing Director: Condor Footwear:

About HNS services
* Quality of service is fantastic

Why HNS?
They are solution oriented and very dedicated towards their work. we are very much sure if we face any problem they will give proper solution.
Overall Opinion
* We are very much satisfied.
Director: Vikas Fashion:

Why HNS?
* Our experience is very good with hard and soft any kind of change given to their team, they are always ready for implementing the changes

About HNS solutions
* I know whatever solution they will provide will be best for us

About HNS team
* Their support is very good

1 Min Talk about HNS - Mr Akash Khetan ,Director - Narayan & Akash Dyeing

Director: Akash Dyeing & Narayan Prints:

* Associated- 2006.
* Unbeatable - Services , Team
* Prompt - services
* Best company to implement an ERP

Director: Akash Dyeing & Narayan Prints:

Associated with Hard and Soft since 2006 Nobody at present Is capable enough to beat hard and soft in terms of services and capabilities they have and the team they are having.They are very prompt in the services . If anybody ask me which is the best company to implement an ERP I surely recommend Hard n Soft

1 Min Talk about HNS - Mr Ankur Agarwal ,Director - Vipul Sarees

Mr. Ankur Agarwal: Director: Vipul Sarees:

* Associated- 12 years.
* Satisfied with their services
* Practical approach for Solutions.
* Exceeded our expectation
* Team - cooperative
* We recommend to others

Mr. Ankur Agarwal: Director: Vipul Sarees:

* Associated with Hard and Soft since 12 years. We are very much satisfied with their services. whatever solutions we ask for they give it in a very practical way. They have exceeded our expectation in giving solutions. Their team is also very cooperative. We surely recommended to others and people should get associated with them.. you will get improvement in your business

1 Min Talk about HNS - Mr Dhruv Luthra ,Director - GEPIL

Dhruv Luthra Director: GEPIL:

* Associated 30 years
* Nice Involvement in Processes
*Always ready in Crisis period
* Trustworthy
Dhruv Luthra Director: GEPIL:

* We are associated with them from good 30 years. We are associated with Hard n Soft at the time we launched ERP 10 years back they were with us at that time also and now also when we are implementing SAP. They have always been giving us the personal touch as they get fully involved in matter. We surely recommend them to others