Why SAP B1 and why HNS ?

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September 6, 2016
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September 13, 2016

Why ERP ?  No organisation racing to get ahead can undermine the importance of managing their Business Processes. All employees need to be aligned to a single information highway so that the decision making at all levels is supported by consistent figures.

Everyone should work like an army and support the leadership to execute their business strategies to perfection.

SAP Business One (SAP B1) one of the best ERP available in the small to mid sized organisations is built around alignment and helps every cadre – the leadership, line managers, executives, staff and workers to tap a single unified information backbone.

SAP B1 also ensures to demonstrate that IT systems are not a cost but a value centre. It helps the organisation cut across geographies in multi-locations, take timely decisions, derive valuable insights and manage data to support critical operations.

As your challenges are complex, you need a strong partner to support your critical functions and ensure your decisions are aligned to achieving the bigger vision of your organization. Rest assured, SAP B1 is the best alternative and can offer more than any other ERP solution and Hard n Soft Consultancy (HNS) Is your best partner to deliver.

Here are 16 Reasons why you should consider SAP B1 over any other ERP and HNS over any other implementing partner !

  1. Legacy: SAP B1 is a product of the world’s number one ERP company SAP – Germany. Similarly, HNS is a 28 year customer focused organisation driven by passion to provide cost effective solutions.
  2. Reliability: SAP B1 has a proven track record of being relevant and reliable. It  is being used by thousands of  customers worldwide with over lakhs of users. Many of our clients have chosen SAP B1 over other leading ERP’s because SAP B1 fits their business requirements more appropriately, without the complexity, time and cost associated with traditional systems. HNS also has a track record of over 350 satisfied clients eager to vouch for them
  3. Depth of Functionality: SAP B1 spans the entire Management processes and offers the widest (depth of functionality) in comparable products available in the market. So also HNS has in depth experience most of the business functions
  4. Technologies  : SAP B1 uses multiple state of art technologies – Desktop, Web and Mobile. The best part is that all these technologies can -co-exist, that is, you can use all three simultaneously in the same environment
  5. Single Product Focus: SAP is a Pure Play company with single product category focus viz ERP unlike many others for whom ERP is just one of their various offerings.  HNS also is singularly providing solutions powered by SAP B1. We have domain experts with vision and focus to continuously add value to the product.
  6. Cost: SAP B1 provides the lowest TCO amongst comparable systems. HNS has developed many add-ons to further reduce the TCO and the recurring costs.
  7. Modular Deployment: It’s integrated yet modular nature allows the user flexibility enough to be able to choose to deploy specific modules, instead of the entire suite in one go. This flexibility helps in answering specific needs and reduces the time frame to go-live.
  8. Quick Implementation: It does not take years to implement SAP B1. With HNS’s  disciplined yet practical project management approach and Roll-out Methodology, we are able to ensure that the organisation can quickly realize the value of investment and make that strategic jump in the performance & productivity levels.
  9. Domain Knowledge: SAP B1 product is being used by companies belonging to huge number of different verticals, prominent being Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Processed Foods, Textiles, Construction, Packaging, FMCG, IT/ITES, Telecom, etc. This enabled us to incorporate some of the best-practices of these verticals in the product. HNS also owing to its vast number of years of providing solutions to a  huge number of industries and business’ further enhances the user experience.
  10. User Friendliness: Organizations choosing SAP B1 need not employ certified professionals on their payroll to operate and teach others. It can be operated by anybody. HNS further helps the process by exhaustive on-site training before go-live and off-site trainings and webinars post go-live.
  11. Empower: It empowers the entire Management and Operational team by giving them personalised field level access thus eliminating the need to rely on trained experts to make changes in the forms.
  12. Customizations: SAP B1 is extremely customizable (even by the customer’s admin team) to suit needs of any organization’s processes. The time and cost involved in making the customizations in most other ERP’s is humongous. HNS on it’s part, imparts the training required to the clients’ admin team to reduce the recurring costs.
  13. Integration: SAP B1 can be made to work with most major industry specific systems such as Payroll etc. you may have running..
  14. Expertise in Global Implementation: Today, we have completed implementations for large corporations across geographies in Africa, Asia Pacific, Middle East and US, featuring thousands of employees. For such corporations, this mobile friendly product has been customized to suit local payrolls and languages.
  15. Knowledge Transfer: Training for SAP B1 products is conducted by the implementing partner ie. HNS who very soon becomes part of your own team in spirit. This ensures accountability, clarity and strong delivery of knowledge.
  16. Support: SAP B1 support services are managed majorly by your friendly implementing partner ie HNS and not by a large faceless organisation. This ensures quick response and efficient issue management.

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