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Do you need ZOHO ?

  • Are your Business procedures holding you back from growing as fast as you want to?
  • Is your top management free enough to focus on its core business areas?
  • Is your decision making entirely based on facts, data & analysis?
  • Are you constantly in touch with the true health of your business ?
  • Do you want to manage your Complete Accounts and Stock Remotely from Home ?
  • Do you want your software on Easy Monthly Rental Basis ?
  • Do you have very limited Budget but still want a good quality International Software ?
  • Do you want to manage your business without highly qualified persons like CAs & MBAs in your Team?
  • If the answer to any of the above is YES - then ZOHO is your right choice !!!



  • International Best Practices Incorporated
  • Extensive Data Log & Audit
  • Data Consistency Across all Aspects Of Data
  • Functional Stability(Free From Bugs & Glitches)
  • Continual Functional & Technological Upgradations
  • Relatively Quicker Implementation Cycle
  • Vendor / Partner Independence
  • Extremely Flexible Pricing & Upgrade Plans
  • Extremely User Friendly
  • More than 45 Modules available for managing all aspects of your Business
  • Fully Integrable Modules
  • User friendly Tools to Build your own Application
  • Availabilty across Windows, iOS, Android Platforms
  • Full Functionality across all Devices

    Our Zoho Services & Solutions Portfolio

    • Advisory Services : To map your requirements with Zoho Solutions
    • Licence Management
    • Implementation of Zoho Applications
    • Training & Support Services
    • Integration between Zoho Modules
    • Third Party Integrations
    • Application Development in Creator

      What is a Customized ERP Solution ?

      • Software Designed As per the customisation and needs of business process.
      • Customization of ERP software becomes necessary in every part of the technology and because of this technology development most of the organizations tend to customize their software as per their requirement.
      • Customization is the process of fitting the chosen ERP software to the needs of a specific organization.
      • Whenever the processes represented in the ERP software differ significantly from the processes used by the firm one has two options. First is to build the organizational process into the ERP software through customization. The second one is to change the practice followed by the firm to suit the process native to the ERP software.
      Comparison Aspect ZOHO Customized ERP
      Bugs / Reliability
    • International Proven software so almost bug free.
    • Reliability almost 100%.
    • Created as per the needs of customer so too many bugs.
    • Reliability very poor
    • Accuracy
    • Data Accuracy almost 100%.
    • Data accuracy very poor
    • Technology Upgradation
    • Free with all updates, New module upgradation
    • Fully Chargeable for every changes developed.
    • Vendor dependency
    • They can change the support partner at any point of time without affecting your Business Processes.
    • They have to depend on vendor for any types of solutions.
    • International Best Practises
    • Software designed keeping in mind the best and Standard practises to carry out business activity in the best possible manner.
    • No Software customized as per business process for particular business.
    • ZOHO v/s SAP B1

      ZOHO SAP B1
      Target Clients
    • Shops, Traders, Professionals, Small Business Houses (5 Cr to 100 Cr Turnover)
    • Larger Enterprises (Mainly Manufacturers ) (100 Cr to 1000 Cr Turnover)
    • Main Business Areas Covered
    • Marketing, Accounting, Invenoty, Social Media Controlling & Other Utilities
    • Almost all Commercial aspects of any large organisation
    • Costing
    • Much Lower License Cost
    • Available as a very cost effective SAAS model
    • Quite on the higher side
    • About Tally Accountiung Software

      Tally Accounting is a software used for accounting purposes. It is provided by Tally Solutions and is a standard business accounting software. It is very popular for accounting in India. It typically covers the day to day basic accounting & book keeping needs of any small organisation.
      • To fulfill legal requirements
      • To pay taxes and meet other statutory requirements
      • To keep the business running by managing receivables & payables, cash, bank.

      Advanced Modules Comparison - Zoho vs SAP B1 vs Tally

      ZOHO SAP B1 Tally
      E - Commerce Connectivity
    • Complete Integration of your ecommerce portal with your accounting software
    • Non Existent
    • Non Existent
    • Social Media Integration
    • Thorough Integration with your social media platforms such as Facebook, Google Business, Twitter etc.
    • Non Existant
    • Non Existant
    • Customer Relation ship Management
    • Exhaustive CRM functionality right from lead to deal closure & even post sales
    • Very Basic covering only Macro Level CRM
    • Non Existant
    • Comunications
    • Intra Office Communication Tools
    • Communication Tools for your Customers, Vendors & Prospects
    • Non Existent
    • Non Existent
    • Platforms
    • Complete functionality Across ALL platform : Windows, iOS, Android
    • Windows Only
    • Windows Only
    • Devices
    • COMPLETE functionality Across ALL Devices : Desktiops , Laptops, Tablets & Mobile Handsets
    • Desktiops , Laptops , Tablets & Mobile Handsets (Limited functionality)
    • Desktiops , Laptops Only
    • Zoho is a Multinational Software Company of Indian origin.