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    Mr. Vatsal Jain
  • We needed a scalable, integrated solution that could grow with the organisation, offer accurate insight into all areas of the business and provide easy access to real time information. Of the various solutions we evaluated, SAP Business One was best suited to deliver the functionality we required to support our business and its ongoing growth, The solution was implemented by Hard n Soft Consultancy, which specialises in making SME’s best-run businesses through the sales, implementation, and support of SAP Business One throughout Gujarat.
    Mr. Amit Kansara
    (Director - Propylon)
  • At Ultra we were accounting only and it was more cost effective to go with SAP Business One compared to Other Solutions. One of our competitors chose other route and it cost them more than our entire SAP implementation.A deciding factor was that we really liked the Hard n Soft team. They were friendly, professional and informative, which made interaction between our companies easy. We also enjoy that fact that Hard n Soft , and SAP Business One, was able to do anything we required to satisfy our business needs.
    Mr. Ketan Kansara
    (Director - Ultra Filtech)
  • Since implementing SAP Business One, we have seen significant improvement in our standardisation, efficiency and adaptability. We are now much better positioned to provide our valued customers with an improved level of service delivery. From project management to execution to support, we are very pleased with the swiftness and professionalism of Hard n Soft Consultancy. The project was completed under strict deadlines with very minimal disruption and downtime.
    Mr. Vatsal Jain
    (Director - Vikas Fashions Pvt. Ltd.)
  • If we were still on our old system we would have lost a fortune from bad debt in recent months – the management team would just be running around putting out fires,Thanks to Hard n Soft Now, however, everything is dealt with within a controlled environment by SAP– it’s business as usual – and we have the freedom to concentrate on further entrenching our position as market leader.
    Mr. Vijay Kansara
    (MD - PPPL)
  • The SAP Business One solution we implemented has enabled us to focus our attention on our two core strategies—regional growth and product line growth—in each of our locations, Hard n Soft team members has passionately worked on the implementation and got our strategies right.
    Mr. Anup Kansara
    (MD - DPP)
  • SAP Business One has allowed us to implement a standard operating blueprint across all companies, thereby bringing uniformity across the organisation. It is also user-friendly. We have more people than ever before accessing the information they need to do their jobs optimally and efficiently. There is so much we want to do and we believe it will be possible with this solution. We think Hard n Soft will give us the best in SAP B1 the same way they gave while in implementing phase.
    Mr. Mrunal Kansara
    (Director - NIF)
  • There were three areas we wanted to address to take our business to the next level. Traceability of stock , improved access to information and a fully integrated production, sales and accounting system was taken care of with SAP Business One. Better control = improved productivity = increased sales.
    Mr. Ashok Sultania
    (Director - Devika Fibers)

Client Speaks about SAP Business One

Ashok Sultania

Director - Devika Fibers

Vijay Kansara

Managing Director - NIF Group

Kaushal Kansara

Director - Pradip Polyfills

Vijay Kukadia

Director - Krupali Fashions

Anirudh Panjabi

Director - Shree Vallab International

Sudhir Sukhwala

Director - Radiant Holographics

Video Testimonials - They’ve trusted us ... and we stood upto their trust !!!

Devika - Ashok bhai

Ashok Sultania Director: Devika Fibers:

* Running Devika fibres since last 20 years.
* Manufacturing of Texturising yarn ( domestic as well as export market).
Employee strength- 100 .
* Implemented SAP Business one - April 2016.
* Facing lots and lots of problems in our previous software.
* No proper report as well as the database was open and anyone was able to make damage to the data
* So we decided to implement SAP Business one.
* implementing SAP B1 initially was painful but got smooth within few days
* Now I am very happy as well as all my employees are very happy using SAP Business one.
* Not recruited any new employee to run SAP B1 it is been managed by all our old staff.
Our Implementing partner took a great effort in training our employees
* We have implemented SAP Business one from Hard n Soft consultancy.
* Good name in the market
* Very dedicated team
* Everready for any kind of changes
* we are very much satisfied
* we recomend them to others

Ashok Sultania Director: Devika Fibers:

* My name is Ashok Sultania director of Devika fibers . we are running Devika fibres since last 20 years. we are into manufacturing of texturising yarn and we deal it in domestic as well as export market. we have a employee strength of 100 people. We implemented SAP Business one in April 2016. initially we did not have any plans to go for SAP Business one but we were facing lots and lots of problems in our previous software. we were not able to get proper report as well as we were not satisfied with the security aspects of our customise software. the database was open and anyone was able to make damage to the data So we decided to implement SAP Business one. When we started the process of implementing initially it was a very painful process all our employees got frustrated and said we will not be able to run SAP Business one please switch over to our old software but I was very much firm from my side. and now I am very happy as well as all my employees are very happy using SAP Business one. We have not recruited any new employee to run SAP Business one it is been managed by all our old staff. Our Implementing partner took a great effort in training our employees continuously for one and half month. their person used to come from morning to evening for training for employees. We have implemented SAP Business one from Hard n Soft consultancy. Who’s owner is Mr Sailesh khawani. Somehow they came to know that we want to change our software so they approached us And after meeting him his attitude was very positive and because of that we were able to complete 90% of the implementation within 3 months. His strong point is If there is any mistake from his team members he will immediately accept his mistake and make the necessary changes. He will never use any kind of negative statement like it's not our fault or it is being done by your employees. We are very much satisfied with them. I will recommend SAP Business one to companies who are of big size .You can go with any other partner or with hard n soft as I am associated with Hard n Soft. I would recommend them. SAP Business one is a gift to Surat for upgrading our companies to a different level.

Testimonial by Mr. Vijay Kansara -MD , NIF

*Domain : Engineering of Metal and Plastic goods Manufacturing
*Market : Domestic & Exports
*Employee Strength : 400 employees
*Prev Software : Customised Local Solution
*Pain Areas : Software had provision for all aspects, costing, WIP stock etc but were not able to maintain due to inaccuracy
We are in to engineering of metal and plastic goods manufacturing - Domestic & International Market. We have a strength of 400 Employees SAP B1 we started in September 2015. Previously we were using local developed customized software. In which Database was open and growing companies like us was facing a big threat .. The level in which we were working was so flexible that system was not able to get in control.We went for SAP B1 because SAP itself is a good name in ERP. The Solution for our type of organization it was budgetary viable. As we are linked international people the International best practices which are incorporated in the SAP B1 software has made our organization to reach to a good standard practices. Initial phase : At the time of demo the features which we saw were very relevant. Our requirement was to control the whole administrative system. And the features which we saw were very well matching our needs. Till now whatever we heard about sap story and actual implementation were totally different. We did not find that much pain in implementing which we were expecting. Yes it is taking time in getting acquainted with the SAP philosophy of working but that we never felt like pain . I would like SAP B1 to recommend to those companies like manufacturing, or distribution or companies who are working on multiple functions. We have not changed anything in our system except the requirement of SAP server. Even we have not recruited a single employee for running SAP B1 . on the contrary it happened that our manpower which was distributed we got chance to consolidate them in proper manner. Implementation partner is very much known to us. We know them from 1987. They have always worked with our size of organization. Hard n Soft was the partner of SAP that was the main reason we went for SAP. We knew it wont be that difficult to implement as Mr sailesh Khawani was involved in it. It was a challenge for HNS as we have all multiple activities going in our organization. They have lived up to our expectation because in such a short time they have gone us live they started the actual implementation in Jan 16 and we went live in April 16. In 3 months we went live with SAP which was very good about HNS. HNS is aware of its customer’s capacity and the budget which HNS has set for our licenses and implementation which nobody can give that’s the strongest point of them. Till Mr sailesh Khawani discussed with me about costing of SAP B1 even like others I was thinking that sap is a huge cost but in 30 mins we took the decision that we will go for SAP B1. SAP is a system where you can delegate the work if you want to grow with your manpower . Everybody says SAP is very painful but once you get it implemented you can create a great team who controls your entire operations.

Testimonial by Mr. Kaushal Kansara -Director , Pradeep Polyfills

Since How long have you been using SAP B1: Current year 2016- 2017 but the implementation started from fiscal year 2015-2016.

Pain Areas of previous software:
Previous software had alot of issues. There weren't any specific Concrete reports. The system have many lose ends. There wasn't any monitoring system..

Initial Phase of SAP B1 Implementation:
Initial stage was tough, since users had to be monitored for transactions. System was new and things had to moved on the right tracks in a right way. There have been comparitive pressure on our department..

Experience Now:
Since the system is self monitoring each transactions, gradually things have got better. We have time to work on other things now. There have been reduction in Error to entry ratio..

Recomend SAP B1 to which type of Industry:
For Manufacturing, Retails and even we have recomended SAP B1 to our Mendates, and they have been looking foreward to Impliment in their system. .

Any New Recruits to run SAP B1?
We resuffled the manpower, as SAP B1 got implemented we understood manpower requirement was less and we utilised the manpower in other required stuff..

About Implementation Partner:
They have been a dedicated team. They had now time boundaries in term of work, since there was a time boundation in the whole implementation process. In short they worked day and night. Hats off to them.They have been enthusiastic and we enjoyed their company..

Any Special Characteristics of HNS?
In the Intial Stage since the comfort level was low between our Employees and HNS team, the Employees used to get irritated, but the way HNS team use to handle them with patience and grip that made it look very easier to cope up with..

Overall Message for SAP B1:
Overall SAP B1 have been helpfull to us.The software is about standard and Decipline, Data entry need to be perfect for a proper analysis. In short If SAP B1 is implemented, the whole system will get streamlined. Making it less to be audited through each stages/ Trasaction..

Testimonial by Mr. Vijay Kukadia -Director , Krupali Fashions

Testimonial by Mr. Anirudh Punjabi -Director , Shree Vallabh International

Testimonial by Mr. Sudhir Sukhwala -Director , Radiant Holographic