SAP B1 - Add-on

Auto Activites Add On

Auto Activites Add on - SAP B1 has an inbuilt feature of Activities. This feature is extremely powerful wherein you can manage any activities such as follow up, meetings etc. related to any transaction or even stand alone activities. . This feature serves as a powerful personal task manager. We have developed this add-on to augment what SAP missed out ie. to create activities automatically linked with transactions in a specific schedule based on the transaction date, due date or document date.
  • Templates for Automatic activities generation
  • Scheduled based on document date, transaction date or posting date
  • Email notification
  • Can create Activities for external stakeholders also
  • Provision for attachment of documents etc.

Tally Integration

Tally Integration - Many organisation use Tally as an accounting package in spite of being completely on SAP B1 This they do so specially to facilitate their external consultants such as chartered accountants We have developed add-on to export Complete data (Scheduled or manually controlled) to Tally
  • One way Tally Integration
  • Complete data export to Tally
  • Scheduled
  • Saves Time


RepoRobot is a automatic report generation & distribution tool which can work on multiple database producing cross functional consolidate report. This tool work as third party tools and could be made compatible to your different application data. It can be programmed to produce different reports for different target audience and could be made available to the recipients via Email or SMS This tool helps in eliminating the dependancy on any person for generating routine reports at fixed intervals
  • Schedule Report Generation & Distribution
  • Multi Database Support
  • Multi Departmental Support
  • Saves Time


DynaReps is a software package which helps a user to configure and execute his own reports type dynamically on real time.

DynaReps package acts like an external package to your existing ERP,which has got SQL as backend.

One can configure his own reports type in real time basis

One can autheniticate and authorize users as per his role,and it does not clash with the protocol you had set in your existing ERP.

It is a dynamic reporting tool which is having almost all functionality like in excel

Each report can be configured by the user himself which is available to him without disturbing the other user’s settings

It has got powerful and dynamic features on Filtering,searching,grouping and sorting.

  1. Accounts
  2. Sales
  3. Purchase
  4. Inventory & Stock
  5. Taxation
  6. Merging Reports
  7. Document Re-Printing