BizMan - The Complete Business Management Suite

Can you multiply your organisation's growth without BizMan ?

Business Challenges

  • Are your Business procedures holding you back from growing as fast as you want to?
  • Is your top management free enough to focus on its core business areas?
  • Is your decision making entirely based on facts, data & analysis?
  • Is your business Turnover greater than 5 Cr ?
  • Do you want to maintain your business processes systematically ?
  • Do you want to manage your Business from multiple Locations ?
  • Based on the above considerations you need to decide o upgrade to BizMan - The Complete ERP system

Modules & Features of BizMan

Standard Features of BizMan

BizMan is a software application for managing all the aspects of any Organization right from CRM to Procument to Production to Dispatch to After Sales & Support . It is a web based solution which can be hosted on the cloud as well as local server.
  • Browser Based Application - Available for all platforms
  • Can be hosted on Cloud as well as Local Server
  • Available as On Premise as well as SAAS model
  • To fulfill legal requirements
  • To pay taxes and meet other statutory requirements
  • To keep the business running by managing receivables & payables, cash, bank.

Industry Specific Solutions

BizMan v/s SAP B1

Comparison Aspect BizMan SAP Business One
Bugs / Reliability
  • Created as per the needs of customer so needs fine tuning
  • Not very stable in the development stage
  • International software so almost bug free.
  • High Reliability
  • Manpower
  • Normal Semi Skilled Manpower can operate with ease
  • More Skilled Manpower Required
  • System Rigidness
  • Can be customised as per client requirement.
  • Quite Rigid
  • Software Costing
  • No Licence costs involved so almost 50%
  • Somewhat high due to user based Licence as well as Implementation Cost
  • User Friendliness
  • Quite Low Learning Time
  • Higher Learning Curve
  • BizMan vs Tally

    BizMan Tally
    Target Clients
  • Small & Medium Enterprises (Traders, Manufacturers & Service Industry) (10 Cr to 100 Cr Turnover)
  • Shops, Retail Outlets & Small Traders (< 25 Cr Turnover)
  • Main Business Areas Covered
  • Almost all aspects of any Mid Sized Organisation
  • Accounting & Book Keeping
  • Typical Modules
  • Accounts Related, CRM, Helpdesk ,HRMS ,QC, PM
  • Accounts Related Only
  • Costing
  • Slightly on the higher side but extremely high Value for Money ratio
  • Lower One time cost - but limited or no options for upgrade path.
  • Advanced Modules of BizMan vs Tally

    Cost Valuation
  • Cost & Profit Center Functionality can be customized as per your needs
  • Very Basic & impractical
  • Budget Control
  • Can be customized with Blocking, Warning & Comparative Reporting
  • Only for comparison
  • Approvals
  • Simple & Non Blocking Approval System
  • Non Existent
  • CRM
  • Exhaustive & Integrated
  • Non Existent
  • Service and Support Module
  • Detailed & Suited even for After Sales & Service Industries
  • Non Existent
  • HRMS
  • Exhaustive HR module with ESS, Time Office Management, Payroll Management etc
  • Non Existent
  • Advanced Modules and functionalities in BizMan

    Advanced Modules and systems

    Like any ERP software, the USP's of BizMan are the advanced modules and systems which are beyond low level developed customized software packages or standard Accounting packages such as Tally. These modules & systems provide the real differentiation for managing your Business. BizMan covers almost all aspects of your Organization in an integrated way< /b>

    Customer Relations Management

    This module can be used to keep a track of all the Leads, Deals, Tasks & Activities done before closure of the Leads

    Quality Control (QC)

    This module can be used manage the entire Quality Control Process for : a. Incoming Goods b. Work In Progress c. Finished Goods Production

    Support & Service Module

    This module can be used to manage the After Sales Service based activities as well as Complaint Management etc.

    Plant Maintenance

    This module can be used to manage the various activities that related to Maintenance : Both Preventive as well as Breakdown