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    Mr. Vatsal Jain
  • We needed a scalable, integrated solution that could grow with the organisation, offer accurate insight into all areas of the business and provide easy access to real time information. Of the various solutions we evaluated, SAP Business One was best suited to deliver the functionality we required to support our business and its ongoing growth, The solution was implemented by Hard n Soft Consultancy, which specialises in making SME’s best-run businesses through the sales, implementation, and support of SAP Business One throughout Gujarat.
    Mr. Amit Kansara
    (Director - Propylon)
  • At Ultra we were accounting only and it was more cost effective to go with SAP Business One compared to Other Solutions. One of our competitors chose other route and it cost them more than our entire SAP implementation.A deciding factor was that we really liked the Hard n Soft team. They were friendly, professional and informative, which made interaction between our companies easy. We also enjoy that fact that Hard n Soft , and SAP Business One, was able to do anything we required to satisfy our business needs.
    Mr. Ketan Kansara
    (Director - Ultra Filtech)
  • Since implementing SAP Business One, we have seen significant improvement in our standardisation, efficiency and adaptability. We are now much better positioned to provide our valued customers with an improved level of service delivery. From project management to execution to support, we are very pleased with the swiftness and professionalism of Hard n Soft Consultancy. The project was completed under strict deadlines with very minimal disruption and downtime.
    Mr. Vatsal Jain
    (Director - Vikas Fashions Pvt. Ltd.)
  • If we were still on our old system we would have lost a fortune from bad debt in recent months – the management team would just be running around putting out fires,Thanks to Hard n Soft Now, however, everything is dealt with within a controlled environment by SAP– it’s business as usual – and we have the freedom to concentrate on further entrenching our position as market leader.
    Mr. Vijay Kansara
    (MD - PPPL)
  • The SAP Business One solution we implemented has enabled us to focus our attention on our two core strategies—regional growth and product line growth—in each of our locations, Hard n Soft team members has passionately worked on the implementation and got our strategies right.
    Mr. Anup Kansara
    (MD - DPP)
  • SAP Business One has allowed us to implement a standard operating blueprint across all companies, thereby bringing uniformity across the organisation. It is also user-friendly. We have more people than ever before accessing the information they need to do their jobs optimally and efficiently. There is so much we want to do and we believe it will be possible with this solution. We think Hard n Soft will give us the best in SAP B1 the same way they gave while in implementing phase.
    Mr. Mrunal Kansara
    (Director - NIF)
  • There were three areas we wanted to address to take our business to the next level. Traceability of stock , improved access to information and a fully integrated production, sales and accounting system was taken care of with SAP Business One. Better control = improved productivity = increased sales.
    Mr. Ashok Sultania
    (Director - Devika Fibers)