Case Studies of Solutions for various Industries

Textile Process House

Stage wise Costing Solution - SAP B1 has an inbuilt feature of Activities. This feature is extremely powerful wherein you can manage any activities such as follow up, meetings etc. related to any transaction or even stand alone activities. . This feature serves as a powerful personal task manager. We have developed this add-on to augment what SAP missed out ie. to create activities automatically linked with transactions in a specific schedule based on the transaction date, due date or document date.

Taka Wise Lot Movement One of the major challenges in the processomg of textile fabrics is to track the movement of taka across the stages of processing of the fabric. We have developed an addon wherein we can not only track it on the inward lot basis but also on the batch basis created by mixing multiple lots across variouls clients

Textile Manufacturer

Tracking of Inventory at Value adder Value Addition in the form of manual embroidery, fixing of stones etc is now a days extensively used in ladies outfits such as Sarees, Dreses, Gowns, Chania Cholies etc. This process is outsourced to the local "karigars" in which the raw materials are supplied and the artisans return back the finished goods. The biggest challenges that the manufacturer faces is in the management of rawmaterial balance with the artisan. The whole process is further complicated by the fact that each garment has to be processed at multiple artisans for different type of work.
In order to manage this we have created a special addon in which not only the stock is managed but also the product costing can be tracked as per the actuals cosidering even the wastages and damages.

Pharma Manufacturing

Management of Batch Manufacturing Records (BMR) One of the very essential requirements of the Pharma Industry is management of the BMR. This is not only important from the management point of view but also is required for statutory purposes. We have developed a specific add on for the creation & maintanence of the BMR integrated with the manufacturing processes.

Management of Quality Control (QC) Documents QC being of utmost importance for the Pharma industry, we have developed a specific add on for the management of the ntire Quality Control Process integrated with the manufacturing processes. We can manage the quality at all levels such as Input QC, Work in Process (WIP) QC, Finished Goods QC. We have made the provision for auto rejection based on the mandatory QC parameters.

Packaging Manufacturing

Management of Plant Maintenance Department Plant mintainence plays a very important part in maintaining the overall effeciency as well as minimising the unexpected breakdowns. SAP B1 doesn't have any inbuilt module for the same. We have created an Add On specifically for managing both the Breakdown as well as Preventive Maintanence Activities. This way you can manage & automate the entire department

Master Approval Masters play a very critical role in maintaining the integrity of any ERP system. Tight control in creation of new masters such as GL Accounts, Inventory Masters etc is mandatory. Unfortunately SAP B1 does not have any approval system attached to the Master Creation Process.
We have created a Add On which overcomes this limitation and thus helps you to maintain the health of your Masters.