TexPro: Textile Processing (Dyeing & Printing) Industry powered by ERPNext

TexPro is an Integrated Module, Designed specifically for the textile processing industry (Dyeing & Printing).This module covers all the business processes required to run a Textile Process House. The focus of the module is not only to cover the procedural aspects but also to extensively make available the analytical information for effective Utilization of the data.

Process houses form the backbone of textile industry, by processing the raw fabric to marketable finished goods. This being the final stage for fabric has to be done to the perfection to increase its marketable value.

There are three major stages in process which can be computerized very easily using our ERP solution i.e. Collection of Grey Fabrics, Processing of the grey & Delivery of Processed Fabrics.

Based on our 35+ years of experience with the Process houses of Surat, which is known as the Textile City of India, we have developed a complete solution catering to all aspects of the Textile Processing Houses. Our solution is developed as an addon in ERPNext, which is considered as the best & most robust ERP for the Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) segment. ERPNext is not only user-friendly but also is very powerful and flexible enough for it to adapt to the dynamic needs of the SMEs. It allows you to introduce the discipline by gradually increasing the controls in all the modules from basic to advanced levels. Our solution is based on ERPNext which is an extremely user friendly & a complete ERP in the true sense.
ERPNext is the worlds only ERP solutions with is 100% Open Source which means that the Client doesn't have to pay for any User Licences

Process Flow


  • Grey Godown System
  • Grey Receive
  • Grey Return
  • Production order (Job card)
  • Grey Checking System
  • Grey Movement (lot wise & Process wise)
  • Grey Folding
  • Packing System
  • Bale System
  • Job work Invoice system


  • Raw material requirement list for Product to be produced.Required Material will be calculated based on Bill of material.
  • Purchase Indent can be generated based on Shortages.
  • Shortage quantity calculation considers material stock available or excess purchase order quantity or semi-finished(Intermediate Material)stock available quantity.Material booked in planning will not be available for next planning.
  • Material Tracking with Material lot number.
  • Purchase planning for consumable Materials,Packing Materials etc.,by Minimum Stock Level.

Modules covering the above issues :

  • Purchase Order
  • Goods Received Note (GRN)
  • Purchase Goods Return
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Physical stock System
  • Process wise & Machine wise issue system
  • Process wise Consumption

Suppliers Management :

  • Item group wise approved supplier (Vendor) list.
  • Type of suppliers and categories can be entered. Contact detail, tax- currency shipment details master maintenance.
  • Supplier Performance Report - Item wise Quality,quantity and timely supply analysis.
  • Item wise last few purchase details.Item sales or consumption pattern for purchase decision.
  • Supplier Category wise payment planning - Supplier wise payment allocation will be done by finance controller.Accountant can mark bill wise payment planning under this allocation.
  • Supplier wise,credit limit and credit days for due out standing & receivable.
  • Tax Levy structure programmable for each supplier.
  • Raw material Item alias name for Supplier’s Item name printing on Purchase order.
  • Party wise Terms and conditions, labelings details, Item wise specifications etc.
  • Supplier wise Item wise rate contract.


All procedures required to manage the operations of the maintenance stores are covered under this module.

  • Purchase Orders for Spares & general purchases
  • Goods receipt notes
  • Purchase Rejects & Goods Return
  • Purchase invoices
  • Spare Physical stock System
  • Spare Machine wise issue system
  • System for maintaining returnable items sent out for repairs
  • Machine wise breakdown analysis


  • Grey Fabrics stock
  • Color & chemical stock
  • Maintenance store stock
  • Finished Fabric Stock
  • Finished Product Stock (Spreadsheet etc)

Production Planning (Product)

  • Finish Product Indent will be generated by sales department based on sales order or sales forecasting.
  • Store Department can be also generated indent for production based on minimum level of Inventory
  • Production order can be generated final Production planning with Scheduling. This can be used for Procurement of raw Materials and generating Production work.
  • Batch wise and stage wise colors, chemicals etc. consumption & Costing.
  • Complete Batch tracking and history retrieval verticals.Good manufacturing Practices of all industrial verticals.
  • Product wise-Bom Master Report,Input Item/ Raw material wise Bom Detailed Report.
  • Process Card / Job Card Report,Packing Bom Master Report
  • Loose Item Wise Packing Bom Report.
  • Process Done Report-Product wise , Machine Wise , Plant Wise, Operator Wise & Batchwise
  • Product wise - Batch wise reports, Final Yield report,Comparison reports, Costing, Quality Check report
  • Daily Resource Consumed report.Batch wise, Plant wise or Stage wise.
  • Job work out /in report.vendor wise pending materials and process work done report.
  • Work order wise, Product wise -batch wise Production Status, Dispatches and pending.
  • Sales order wise, sales forecasting wise -Production Planning Batch wise -Stage wise sample QC Report Packing order and status report.
  • Pollution control Board report and chemical weapon report

Production Cost Calculation
  • Product - Finish Item Standard cost from Raw material purchase cost ,process cost, overhead cost,resources like Labor ,power ,fuel ,consumables etc. mentioned in bill of material and process card and standard QC cost considered.
  • Cost Calculator for marketing and R&D department.
  • Batch wise Costing, actual cost calculation from batch production actual Raw material used, process cost and resource cost actual used and QC done cost incurred.
  • Batch
    of Fabrics

    Here we get information about Batch Costing(Cost Per Meter and Cost Pre Weight). What cost steam , electricity, labour we haved used for this batch. Which Lots are present. How many Requisition is raised. How much material we have used. When process are started and finish. Etc.

    • Mercerising Production
    • Bleaching Production
    • Jigger/Jet Production
    • Dyeing Production
    • Printing Production


    • Sales
    • Shipping/Delivery
    • Invoicing/Billing
    • Export Management
    • Sales & Support

    Objective & Advantages :
    a. Automate Sales Order Processing and keep track of the status of orders.
    b. Maintain records of goods in various warehouses and process movement within the warehouses.
    c. Invoicing in keeping in mind the rate and credit policies of the customers.
    d. Keep track of mode of product delivery to customers and keep track of delivery schedules.
    e. Create Sales forecast.

    • The Sales Orders processing system handles the diverse and complex requirements. Orders can be split into date-wise delivery schedules. Pricelist/rates can be maintained for various parameters such as distributors, customers, areas, salesmen, items, delivery dates and more. The pending status of orders is also maintained.
    • Preparation of the dispatch plan on the basis of pending orders and available stock.
    • Logistics Planning to timely delivery of products to various locations and arrangement of transportation as per dispatch plan.
    • Maintaining the sales targets for Salesmen, Brokers, Commission Agents, including the sales performance with details of area, outstanding, etc.
    • Maintaining packaging and storage location information of items produced through the warehousing module. Consequently packing list is easily generated for dispatching purpose.
    • Sales Order Approval.
    • Expert Sales,packing & Shipping Details,Document and payment details.
    • Sales Personnel management.Sales Executive /Representative can be linked with Areas Covered,Customers and products handled by them.
    • Price management. Area wise-Product Wise sales price list. sales Rate Change Management. Price list access rights to limited authorized users.
    • Sales Analysis and Forecasting. Area wise sales budget(Targets) And Achievements.


    • We have introduced data capturing automation in various processes. Automation not only increases the speed of data capturing but also drastically reduces the chances of data error thus increasing the accuracy of the system.
    • We have used various external devices for automation such as 2D & 3 D barcode
    • System automation Color & chemical consumption for production integrate with barcode and multi weighing scale system.
    • Production Data Capture stage to stage by handheld terminal system.
    • Final Product with Barcode system.


    • Overall costing : based on the total daily production
    • Batch wise costing : specific batch / lot wise
    • Cost center wise costing : department / sub vertical wise costing