TexYarn: Textile Yarn Manufacturing Solution - Powered by ERPNext

TexYarn is an Integrated Module Based on ERPNext, designed specifically for the Textile Yarn Manufactring & Processing units .This module covers all the business processes required to run a Textile Yarn Unit. The focus of the module is not only to cover the procedural aspects but also to extensively make available the analytical information for effective Utilization of the data.

Based on our 35+ years of experience with the Yarn units of Surat, which is known as the Textile City of India, we have developed a complete solution catering to all aspects of the Yarn Units. Our solution is developed as an addon in ERPNext, which is considered as the best & most robust ERP for the Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) segment. ERPNext is not only user-friendly but also is very powerful and flexible enough for it to adapt to the dynamic needs of the SMEs. Our solution is based on ERPNext which is an extremely user friendly & a complete ERP in the true sense.
It is the worlds only ERP solutions with is 100% Open Source which means that the Client doesn't have to pay for any User Licences
It allows you to introduce the discipline by gradually increasing the controls in all the modules from basic to advanced levels.

Process Flow

Modules Covered

Yarn POY

Yarn Issue

Advance License

Purchase Order

Sales Order

Delivery Order

Delivery Challan

Bill Generation

Gate Pass

Pallette Issue

Party Reconcillation

Store/Mill Gem Purchase

Store Issue

Customer Complain

Machine Breaking